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"Hello Dee – thank you for catering our 'buy local' lunch at such short notice! The BBQ was really delicious and cucumber salad was excellent – both thoroughly enjoyed by all - as were the sweet treats that you kindly provided. We were delighted with everything – again thank you for catering to our needs so efficiently. Wishing you continued success with your catering business - Kind regards, Susan"
Susan P. R. McQuilkin
Marketing Executive, So. Maryland, So Good Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission (SMADC)

Very good! Everyone was pleased.
We will definitely be using your services for future meetings.
Thanks for everything!
Angie Townsend

Prosperity Acres Congratulates Hardesty Haven Catering for being chosen as the "2011 Calvert County Restaurant of the Year". We highly recommend Hardesty Haven Catering and in fact they are providing an appetizer sampling using our beef at Nick's of Calvert on Costley Way in Prince Frederick, MD on December 3rd from 1-4pm.

Hardesty Haven has catered many events for us and each time they are very conscious of providing their customers with the utmost professionalism and best food possible. We would even say they feel like your friend by the end of the event, from the staff that they hire to the owner's themselves each and everyone is friendly and professional.

What we like about Hardesty Haven is their quest to provide their customers with the freshest food possible from Southern Maryland, in fact they are members of Southern Maryland So Good and when creating their dishes for your special occasion they will recommend seasonal dishes that will provide the most out of Southern Maryland grown food. The owners being from Southern Maryland all their lives has provided them with a wealth of knowledge of whose product is the best to use for your occasion.

You will find Hardesty Haven Catering during the month of December at Spider Hall Farm on 231 providing food for customers as they shop for their Christmas Tree and local foods sold at Spider Hall.

Come on out to Nick's of Calvert on December 3rd between 1-4pm to meet them personally.


Thanks to Hardesty Haven for supporting youth

Hardesty Haven Catering of Prince Frederick should be commended for supporting youth in Calvert County. Businesses are inundated year after year with donation requests from groups all over the county, and they need to plan ahead as to how their money is to be spent and to which organization it will go.

Hardesty Haven Catering each year budgets its money to spend on local youth who work hard in school and raise livestock. Jacob Bowen, 10, of Prosperity Acres in Sunderland was the recipient this year of Hardesty Haven's generosity and would like to say thank you to them. Jacob's market goat, Lightning McQueen, won Grand Champion market goat at the St. Mary's County Fair, and Hardesty Haven was the highest bidder supporting Jacob and letting him know how much it appreciates all the work that goes into raising livestock for food consumption to the public.

Jacob has been raising goats since he was 3 years old, and this is his second year in 4-H to have entered a bred and owned market goat and won Grand Champion. Jacob owns the mother and father and is working hard each year to develop better genetics for meat with his goats. Jacob is learning about ethics, respect, trustworthiness and leadership with his animal projects and is very grateful to Hardesty Haven for supporting him.

Mary T. Bowen, Sunderland
The writer is the owner of Prosperity Acres.